Registration for the Second Annual Tinypreneurs Event will opens on February, 2018.

“Find what you really love to do, and you’ll never have to work a day of your life”

Make your passion, your Job!!!!!

Registration details:

  1. Children age 6 to 15 years old.
  2. Registration will be confirmed only with the consent of parents or legal caregivers.
  3. Minors at the event would be under the supervision of their parents at all times.
  4. Registration is on the first come first served basis. Please register early to avoid disappointments.
  5. Children can register their business on their own or in partnership of no more than 5 in a team.
  6. Participants will be eligible to enter to win cash prizes offered at our annual event in the categories of best Tinypreneurs business venture and best Tinypreneurs Philanthropic business.

Registration categories:

  • You have  a new and innovated business idea idea  bring it….
  • Your idea might already exist, but you have a way to make it a better business, bring it…
  • Your family has a business and you would like to promote it as this will help the family business, bring it..
  • Can you build something useful with your hands that you can sell?, bring it
  • Can you offer a service like lawn mowing, dog walker, or a lemonade stand that you would like to promote?, bring it
  • Finally, can you play a musical instrument, sing, dance, act, paint? Are you skilled at martial art or electronic games? All those could also be your professions and eventually your business, bring it.

The possibilities are endless, so bring your imagination, creativity and your business ideas and let them materialize at the Tinypreneurs event. We will help you.

Registration is free

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