Tinypreneurs Children’s Market Series

At the Tinypreneurs Children’s Market Series on Sept 30, 2017 once again the Tinypreneurs did it.
It was great to see you all back as well as seeing the new faces developing your business ideas and entrepreneurial skills.

A huge thank you to all of you, your families and friends for supporting this project.

Our deep appreciation for all those collaborating to make this event possible. Especially to the River Market in New Westminster. Alice you rock big time.
The whole New Westminster community including, Frances, Angie, Kendra for passing the word. To the Landmark Cinemas, the NWPL, with Jennifer and Liz , Renaissance Books, the Children’s Bookstore in Vancouver and Investors Group, without you guys we wouldn’t have been able to make this event.

A very profound recognition goes to the Mayor of New Westminster, Mr. Cote, for passing by and having some encouraging words for the Tinypreneurs.

At last to Max, there are no words to describe how proud I am of you for working on your way to becoming an entrepreneur.
See you all at the next Tinypreneurs Children’s Market Series on Dec 9 to celebrate the Holiday season.


Tinypreneurs event New Westminster recap

Hi everybody, What a day!!!,

We want to thank immensely all the children who came to the event to present their business and projects, and would also like to thank their parents and or family and friends for supporting them all the way along.

Throughout the day, it was so great to see how much fun the kids had. They were even able to enjoy the several entertainment options and this enjoyment was contagious. Their smiles and happy energy was more than enough to light up the day. They danced, made art, played music and enjoyed the martial art class while selling their products.

Tinypreneurs New Westminster
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Introducing The Tinypreneurs

On June 3rd, 2017, from 11am to 2:30pm, we will be celebrating our first Tinypreneurs Event in the City of New Westminster B.C, right beside the FRDC, in the waterfront area shared as well by the River Market and the Donald’s Market.

A group of talented children will be showcasing their business ideas and/or helping with their family’s businesses.

They all will be learning the real life entrepreneurial skills and gain experience in what it takes to run their own business.

Starting today and ’till June, every week we will be presenting to you the First Ever Original Tinypreneurs!!!

Please come to the event to be amazed with the effort that all these children have been putting in to their projects and support the next generation of business women and men of our future society. Continue reading “Introducing The Tinypreneurs”

10-Year-Old Entrepreneur From PEI Is Coming To Tinypreneurs

Michael Williams, a ten-year-old kid from Charlottetown, PEI, was diagnosed with autism at an early age. He had trouble learning to speak and communicate but fortunately his mother, Faye, managed to teach him how to talk one word at a time. Michael is now 10 years-old and he has become a budding young entrepreneur, using his language challenges to help others. He is travelling across the country, this summer, to appear at the Tinypreneurs event on June 3rd in New Westminster.

Michael sells jars filled with 50 conversation starters, each written on colourful paper. The words and colours helps the kids visualize and memorize the English language. He sells one jar for $10 or three for $25. It helps all types of children who have trouble learning how to speak, not just kids with autism. Michael started to sell the conversation starters locally but he is in the middle of expanding the business nationally.
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How A 9-Year-Old Raised Over A Million Dollars To Help Orphans In India

At Tinypreneurs we want to help create and mold the next generation of entrepreneurs. We feel passionate that business skills aren’t taught nearly enough in school and will be vital for the next generation to thrive, especially as technology becomes even more fast paced and integrated into our lives.

To help our children, we are throwing a free event for children as young as 7 years-old to learn entrepreneurial skills. This event will allow children and their entire family to explore and embrace the benefits of entrepreneurship from an early age as well as showcase their creativity and talent.

One of our missions is to help inspire our children to solve the world’s biggest problems and we do that by looking at some role models.

One of the roll models is Neha Gupta who started the foundation Empower Orphans when she was only 9 years old. She realized the poverty and hardship that a lot of children around the world face. It was tradition within her family to celebrate family birthdays by taking food and clothes to orphaned children in her family’s hometown in Indian.

It is estimated that there are currently 143 million orphans in the world, which is about half the population of the United States.

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