tinypreneurs_foundersWhat initially started as a Father and Son’s project a while ago, has now transitioned into a coalition of determined and dedicated parents with the vision and ambition to make their children succeed.

My name is Ramses Padilla and together with my 9 year old son Max and close friends we are producing the Tinypreneurs event.

Initially, Max wanted to make a lemonade stand in order to raise some funds for his next Summer Camp. He also tried to get a local newspaper route delivery among other innovative ideas for his age. In less than a week he had suggested so many businesses ideas to cover the cost of his cause that really caught my attention.

Since I have some experience in organizing events, I suggested him to make an event where not only he, but also his friends and other kids from the school, the neighbours and the community in general can get inspired and join him in the amazing learning experience of earning honest money from their own effort to achieve what they want and/or need. He agreed, and after contacting a couple of good friends the Tinypreneurs project was born.

Max and I are not always able to spend the time that we would like to spend together. We all have other obligations and limitations, so we decided to complement our playtime with a more productive and fun activity to develop an idea to help keep us focused in our main goal = Happiness in life.

Max made the logo of the event and he was also part of the foundational activities such as meetings with sponsors, charity organizations, and venue scouting. This experience has been more than rewarding and promising for him as he learned what it takes to become a successful event producer/entrepreneur.

Although he still firmly says that his passion is in the car industry, the lessons he has learned so far will guide him towards a successful and bright future in whatever area he chooses. This is the essence of Tinypreneurs. This is what we hope for all the Tinypreneurs and their families who participate in this event.

For us, my son and I, entrepreneurship is the source that strengthens our existing strong bond and is, we believe, another of the many benefits we attribute to becoming an entrepreneur. As I always tells him.

If you can dream it, you can find the way to live it.