Giving children the gift of a brighter future

The Tinypreneurs event is an unique, innovative, philanthropic,and educational experience, for children as young as 7 years old to be exposed to the world of an entrepreneur. It will allow children and their entire family to explore and embrace the benefits of entrepreneurship from an early age, as well as showcasing their talent and creativity.

Our goal is to plant the seed that will encourage children not only to imagine their first business venture, but also to create the space to integrate the lessons of earning money from their own efforts associated with the pursuit of social responsibility toward maintaining a sustainable environment and being sensitive to the well-being of humanity and communities as a whole. The children who go through the program will treasure these valuable tools and use them for the rest of their lives.

This event is free to children from all walks of life, cultures and religious backgrounds and boasts a festival-like vibe, reminiscent of a lemonade stand. The children will be encouraged to brainstorm business ideas, and freely allow our children to express their ideas, work it out, and learn from their own experience of running their “own business”.

Their business ideas can be as basic as a Lemonade stand, or can assist and feature their family-owned business or can be as complex and innovative as they can imagine. Some examples of the Tinypreneurs stands can be a florist stand, a musician’s stand or a high-tech stand. The list of stands can be as diverse as the child’s imagination will go. The sky’s the limit to the endless creativity of our children.

Let them surprise us.

Entrepreneur kids

The stands at Tinypreneurs event will be the foundation of a new generation of business men and women of our future society.

What Value Will Our Children Receive By Attending?

  1. Children will be introduced to the basics of entrepreneurship, experiencing being their “own boss”, learning the lessons of responsibility and self awareness. Their own intuition will determinate the success of their business ventures.
  2. Decision making will teach them the lessons of profit or loss. The way they create, present, and promote their business ideas will help them to build strong and efficient communication skills, boosting self confidence, perseverance, responsibility and the go-getter spirit.
  3. Younger children might need the help of parents to run their Tinypreneurs stands; older children might choose to set up their stands with friends, as more of a team effort, in which they will learn the lessons of collaboration and socialization while strengthening family and friendship ties and bonds.
  4. And last but not least, children will learn the philanthropic experience of giving back to the community and to children in need (children helping children), by being encourage to make donations from part of their profits to charity or to children less fortunate than them. This event will also encourage them to be environmentally conscious about the possible impact their businesses can have on nature and as a result, shaping a more respectful, caring and confident business enthusiast for the next generation.

Tinypreneurs Children’s Market Series

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